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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 17, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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three men faced when a gunman held them hostage in silver spring. >> and tonight two of those victims share their stories right from the deadly incident back on september 1st. one of them, a friend and former colleague of our own andrea mccarren. >> reporter: a normal workday at discovery abruptly became a four-hour or deal. a gunman strapped with explosives took two employees and a security guard hostage and launched into a bizarre interrogation. >> who told you to have kids. no one, sir. oh, you just did it. you just did it. didn't nobody love you? you had to make somebody to love you? why two kids. one wasn't good enough. >> it was that moment that everyone talks about looking death straight in the face. >> reporter: the hostages didn't want to die.
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through a series of hand signals, they planned their escape. >> and i noticed christopher was trying to get my attention. i looked over and he had his arms folded and he was putting three fingers down under his arm. i said run. he shook his head yes. i look over and he was almost ought the door and i had that realization of, oh, my god. so i got behind the pillar and i had to secure myself and a voice went off in my head like run. you can't stay here. he's going to come after you. >> reporter: the gunman was shot dead. the lives of two men forever changed. >> there is a reason i'm alive. there is a reason i ran out that door. and that reason is to fight every day and make every day worth living. >> life is definitely a gift. i hug my kids a little tighter. i went home that night and they were in the bathtub and i picked them up. they were still wet. and i picked them up out of the
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tub and picked up my daughter and i was just holding her. she said, daddy, let me go. i said uh-uh. >> reporter: jim says he is re reassessing his life now and may become a de con in his church. christopher woods says he has found great comfort in writing and plans to publish a book about his or deal. >> there was also a security guard unarmed who went through this as well. what happened to him. >> reporter: and you remember being there by all accounts. >> yes. >> reporter: his actions were considered herc . he kept the gunman calm and helped negotiateters. he is doing fine but does want to remain anonymous. >> thanks. new tonight police released a 911 call made from inside john hopkins hospital. they came just moment after paul pardus opened fire on a surgeon placing the whole building on lockdown. >> 911, there is a shooting. >> i was standing right there and the physician went down.
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it was very, very loud. like boom shot. he fell down on the ground. everyone looked and said run for safety. >> police say pardus's mother had just had spinal surgery at johns hopkins and he allegedly became upset when he learned she was paralyzed following the operation. they say that is when he shot dr. david cohen and then killed his mother before turning the gun on himself. dr. cohen is still recovering in the hospital tonight. since yesterday's deadly shooting, we've taken a closer look at the security inside our local medical centers. at howard university hospital, for example, there are no metal detectors but 33 security guardsman the doors and patrol the hallways. last summer, the hospital did away with uniformed officers carrying guns. now security carry batons. they show hospital violence is on the rise, so security officers focus on training to combat the problem. well, you know, sometimes you just got to stick it to the man. they told a popular beer garden in arlington ta make some major changes in how they do business.
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but they said no thanks. brittany morehouse is there tonight with the scoop on how it all went down, brittany. >> reporter: not exactly no thanks. they're working on the changes. but years ago this was just a market and now it is a popular beer garden. now they're at risk of having to close down because the county says, hey, you have to change your zoning here. so fun even wrigley is just dying to get inside the fence. >> left overbeer gorden is just one year old, but the family friendly sometimes rocking neighborhood place seems to hit the right spot, given the area's demographics. >> we've always seen this place as a community place and love to come out here. we met neighbors. we have day care recommendations. >> reporter: one year ago owners of the market took a gamble by allowing them to get a sales permit. what they got, these kinds of crowds, even during the snowstorm this place was packed. >> it was awesome. you had people shoving themselves out and coming up.
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>> reporter: but owners say a resent complaint about noise from one neighbor made its way to the county. they're now saying they must meet the right zoning standards or shut down. they are circulating a petition and in one week they have more than a thousand signatures. >> as you see, we're not doing anything wrong. we have 17 more chairs that we're not supposed to have. >> reporter: to show they're trying to meet the county halfway, tonight they have nixeled the live music and opted for a d.j.. they also had the sound board. the next step, building an ava approved restroom which is a priority for patrons who is in a wheelchair. >> this is the first time i've been here, so i didn't know that before i came. and that is always a big problem that i have to look for whenever i go anywhere. >> reporter: as long as they're working on that, he doesn't think they should shut down. >> no, i don't really care about that. >> reporter: okay. so they actually have alry met with developers on building those rest rooms in their office
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space area. well on their way to progress. and the best news of all here tonight for patrons here, county enforcers did not come out to cite them. so maybe, just maybe, next friday night there will be another good night here. reporting live in arlington, brittany morehouse, 9news now. >> like that meet me halfway, brittany. thank you. tonight the u.s. supreme court is the only chance a virginia woman has to avoid execution. virginia governor bob mcdonnell denied clemency. she is the only woman on virginia's death row. she is the first woman to be executed in nearly a century. they convicted her to carry out the 2002 murders of her husband and stepson. her execution is scheduled for next thursday. we just made some calls and the capitol hill police have not yet released the name of the man killed right near the u.s. botanical gardens today. but officers say the man pointed a gun at them and when they ordered him to drop it he didn't
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do it so they shot him dead. no word on what sparked the whole thing. and a heart-breaking accident in silver spring has left a toddler strangled to death. the 18-month-old's father found the little boy all entangled in the drapery cord inside their apartment this afternoon. a police officer rushed the father and the child in thinks police cruiser to a nearby hospital, but it was just too late. neighbors at the apartment complex are in shock. some say they had no idea window cords could be so deadly. >> i would never -- i have never considered anything like that. little deals in the sockets and make sure they don't play with fire and stuff of that nature. but i would never thought blinds would strangle a child. >> in fact, most apartments in that complex are outdated with shades that open and close with a wand. but some residents have installed their own blinds and they come with cords. last year the consumer product safety commission and the industry recalled millions of so-called roman blinds after
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reports of at least five similar deaths. swat teams converged in fairfax county today sharpening their skills for moments of crisis. >> come on. come on. go. go all the way. >> this was part of an annual competition of sharp shooting. handgun challenges. that obstacle course you see there, the training they received has been highlighted after recent threats from gunman's waiting to take lives, including this morning's capitol shooting and the john hopkins murder/suicide. >> we train to not ever lose. never lose. and that is the mindset you have to be in. >> stress and oculation response. you want to get your heart rate up. know how to control your heart rate so you can take that critical shot if you have to. >> this is the fourth year regional swat teams have been competing against each other, including the fbi and capitol police. thanks but no thanks.
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that is what dc mayor adrian fenty is saying after being nominated for the republican nomination for mayor. he won this week's republican nomination but he lost the democratic one to vincent gray. his office issued a statement saying he is humbled by the nod but he will not accept it. as for vincent gray, he started making the rounds on the radio this morning. he appears on two stations to talk about his victory and what he needs to do to reunite dc voters come november. gray won 53% of the vote, but the election seemed to break down along racial and class lines. mayor fenty won in largely white areas of the city while the council chairman won strong with the black voters. in washington state, i'm sorry, derek. >> in washington state, police are working on getting the money back from for a woman. she admitted to throwing acid in her own face. she drew some worldwide sympathy when she said it was somebody
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else. well, now she could be charged with filing a false report. and in oregon, a bus driver is in trouble after a rider caught him reading on the job. you can't believe this. but this is cell phone video from the passenger. he says the driver actually pulled out his kin del and put it on the dashboard. there it is. just reading. just driving. it's kind of weird. there he goes, he pushes the button to turn a page. you have to be kidding me. he is now on administrative leave. on to new york city where the national weather service is trying to figure out if it was a toshd that touched down. -- tornado that may have touched down. it may have caused a path of destruction from staten island to queen. a woman died when a tree came crashing down on her car. high wind damaged at least six homes. we've all done some kind of silly things when we were younger, the internet is fueling teenagers to do nor daring and dangerous stunts. after the break why you
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shouldn't try this at home or anywhere else. a greatening after a wonderful -- great evening after a wonderful day. you get up early, get the cup of coffee. temps in the 60s. 56 in the burbs. 66 downtown. lots of light winds. we'll come back and talk about the rest of the weekend. redskins gaming. have changes there. and we'll tell you where hurricane igor is going. stay tuned. hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas?
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an important message for anybody out there with kids and the internet at home. that's a lot of us. now, we all did some crazy stupid stuff when we were younger of but some of today's young people are getting more daring by copycatting dangerous stunts they see online. these things can have serious, even deadly consequences and shouldn't be tried at home or anywhere else. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> it's stunts like this that are sending young people to emergency rooms. 10-year-old ryan is one of those kids. last year a bottle exploded in his face, shattering his nose, burning his skin and nearly blinding him. >> i had put it into the bottle. the bottle got pressurized and eventually blew up. >> his mom says he got the idea from watching video online. >> i was furious. i was absolutely furious that he was getting this stuff from
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youtube and then imitating it. >> the doctor is seeing four times the amount of burn patients this year versus previous years resulting from failed video-related experiments. >> they don't see the disasters. they see only the successful cases. they think it's harmless. they think it's cute. they think it's a good thing to do. >> kids are drawn to this activity, says therapist claire malenten because of peer pressure. >> their brain is not fully developed at this point to fully grasp the effect of their actionings. kids also think they're invincible and nothing they do is really going to be that bad or cause harm. >> to protect your kid, consider parental filters. monitor your child's internet history. keep an eye out for any injuries that seem out of the ordinary. and talk to them repeatedly about the dangers. >> not to scare them but to let them know there can be significant consequences to their choices that they're making. >> as for ryan, he has now had
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reconstructive surgery on his nose and says lesson learned, albeit the hard way. >> if anybody were going to try it, i would suggest not because obviously you're seeing what happened to me. >> tough to look at. all right. canadian researchers have also seen a growing number of children participating in what is called recreation asphyxiation sometimes called the choking game. kids have died doing this. the game has been around for decades. experts are worried the web is fueling its new popularity. >> wow. top, give us a segue into the nice weather. >> did you mention the movie jack as. just kidding. all right, we have a great weekend. a slight chance for a shower on sunday. the next three days, sunshine tomorrow. temperatures around 80. a gorgeous day. sunday, okay. a few clouds.
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not a big deal. couple sprinkles possible. nice on monday. temperatures go back into the upper 70s. redskins forecast, warm. light shower possible late in the game or early on sunday night. not a huge deal. game time temp 75-82. so 82 at the start of the game. break down tomorrow shades pretty good idea. 65 to start downtown. that means 50s in the burbs. 76 at noon and 80 by lunch time. now, for tonight, clear skies. winds have diminished. winds out of the north at about ten. tomorrow morning fantastic. mostly sunny with a cool start. 50s and 60s. winds turn out of the north at about ten. not as breezy tomorrow as it has been the past couple of days. mostly sunny by afternoon and pleasant. high temps around 80. winds turn a little bit easterly at ten. air quality forecast will be code yellow. totally under that. that is a -- understand that. that is a forecast in the moderate range. that is not bad unless you have respiratory illness.
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i gor right now is a category two with winds about 100 miles an hour. it does appear that sunday afternoon we're talking about almost a direct hit on the island. not quite. 115-mile per hour winds which would put it as a category three and very similar to hurricane fabian what it did to bermuda back in '03. you can download our nine hurricane tracker. it's free. you can track this right along with us. you can overlay fabian's path with our path. kind of cool. next seven days, 80s tomorrow. sunshine. 83 on sunday. again, a couple of clouds. maybe a sprinkle. a very brief front. temperatures back in the 70s on monday and low 80s on tuesday. i know fall arrives on wednesday night, but it's going to feel more like summer. uppers 80s wednesday, thursday and friday. and i know folks are trying to squeeze the last weekend out. if you're going to the beach, just like danielle, big swells
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from igor on the shore and some rip current. just keep that in mind. >> a lot of people do try to get out there one more time. >> uh-huh. friday night leads into saturday afternoon which means college football. >> college football. >> maryland and west virginia. it's a big one. two of the biggest state schools in our area poise for a high noon shootout tomorrow. can maryland deal with the crowd at mountaineer field? and of course it's week three. high school football, charles rivers getting his groove on. that's next. why is travel these days about what you give up
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and now 9 sports with dave erwin, the best sports in town. >> when the terps meet up for a showdown saturday, fans will see two teams in transition. maryland is trying to rebound from its first 10 lost season in school history now. on paper the moun tees have the advantage.
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they're ranked and will play host tomorrow. and that is a big deal because mont neither field can be one of the most intimidating stadiums around. but the terps are up for the challenge. >> so far this team just from the two games that we've had i think is much more mature than the team we had last year. and just that they played before and they know what to expect. >> we got a big day. a pro football on sunday right here on 9. ravens and bengals at 1:00. be advised we cannot leave the ravens game until it is completely finished. so there is a scenario where we might miss the first two minutes of the redskins game. jason marquis got the first guy out he faced. that was good. then the bottom is out. the next guys go single. walk, walk, single, single. marquis is gone after a third of an inning. phillies roll 9-1. coming up, week three high school football from maryland to
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dc to virginia. drama in prince george's county as bowie and nowers need extra time. and the game of the week, invaders from pennsylvania try to take our lady of good council bad next. [music throughout] finding what you love makes you happy. saving up to 60% every day makes you homegoods happy. ♪ tell it to go on
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now the toyota report. >> hey, what up, everybody. welcome to week three. our lady of good council getting around in the month of september. they began with a trip to ohio. hosted baltimore gilman last week. tonight they opened up the compound and welcomed in state college from pennsylvania. it is the game of the week. of course jam packed house. early. kendall fuller. >> you can't touch this. shaking of defenders like nobody's business. early. he liked that. i'll tell you what else he liked
11:27 pm
the defense. karl green says meet me at the quarterback. so a good start for the falcons as they try to get their second win of the year. more defense for the falcons. carson engel and the pick six. olgc rolling tonight. 35-13. >> we made a lot of mistakes. but, hey, we'll take the win and we have another week to heal up. we'll get a couple guys back. i'm proud of them. >> hi, we're the roosevelt high school riders and you're watching toyota >> hey, thanks you, ladies. to the district. now, watch closely because arrington is going to pick up the football who takes it in. but it got called back. illegal forward pass. but woodson still winning 31-7.
11:28 pm
keeping it dc. cardoza. warriors on the doorstep but they fumble the football in the red zone. but they pin them down deep. we don't have a roster. i'm going to say 15 makes the catch. 15 shakes off the defender. he's so good, i don't even have to tell you 15's name. all right. it's been a breeze thus far for charles hubert nowers. boy, they had their -- flowers. boy, they had their hands full. craig thompson sac master. then check out charles rivers. he's got legs. and he knows how to use them. big fella scooping and scoring 75 yards. tied at seven. overtime. bowie has been home.
11:29 pm
yep. 24-yard field goal. 10-7 bulldogs. jags get one more shot. flower stays unbeaten. 13-10 in overtime. >> i'm just glad to get out there with the win. very tough game. bowie played very good football game today. and we just told the kids just hang in there. >> all right. staying in prince george's county, this is one of the better catches you're going to see tonight. taylor matthews coming into your living room with a nice catch over the shoulders in the tow path. that set up a score. second quarter if you're going to quarterback a team in maryland, your last name better be baltimore. sharrod baltimore. to falls church. stonewall jackson at george mason. this is anthony peacher. ain't nothing going to break his stride. ain't nothing going to slow him down. whoa. he's got to keep on pushing. he'll score 12 straight to take a 12-9 lead but they couldn't hold off george mason.
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they win 16-12. great stuff. all right. if you like those highlights, you're going to love this. our new website for high school sports is if you want to get up-to-date on everything high school in the metro area, check it out. stats, scores and some great features on student athletes like bishop mack namaras, it's on our website right now. and there's more. if you want to join our team, we'll give you a flip cam and you can capture pep rallies, interviews and earn scholarship money as well. that's an awesome deal. you can log on to click on sports. and apply. all right. that's going to do it for this week. thanks for all of the people behind the scene who made it happen. we leave you now with our band of the week. the flowers making funky sweet music and take us out of here. ♪ music playing
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